Rabanser Snowboards

Warranty & Safety

Rabanser International Warranty & Safety Instructions

Snowboarding is an outdoor winter sport. It involves inherent dangers and risks for you and others .Beware of obstacles which may cause injury. Keep in mind your physical conditions and always ride within the limits of your ability. Depending on your back-country plans ,always contact a certified mountain guide or an instructor. The use of this product requires skills and caution. Failure to exercise caution in the use of this product could result in serious body injuries. Adults should properly supervise their underage children using this product. Due to the nature of this product ,the seller, distributor and manufacturer of this product assumes no liability for personal injury or property damage, which may be caused by accident, negligence or otherwise. Remember that snowboard bindings do not release. Always check your equipment and the proper tightening of your binding screws prior to every use of the board. Please behave responsibly when going in your sports. Follow the safety instructions and help ti avoid accidents. Be safe, be cool and follow the riders responsibility code at any time you are on snow.

International warranty information

All Rabanser products are developed for on-snow use only. Regular Rabanser Snowboards are warranted against any manufacturing defects for the duration of one year from the date of purchase. For any information, claims, and warranty application, please ask your Rabanser Snowboards dealer. Proof of purchase is required for any returns. Purchaser will send in the merchandise a their expanses. Rabanser Snowboards will return the warranty repair or replacement at company expense. If the damage is not covered by warranty, the return freight will be charged to the product owner. This warranty does not cover damage occurring during transport, storage or resulting from misuse of the product, normal wear and tear, poor maintenance or from modifications to the product. Neither does this warranty apply to damage due to abuse, negligence and accidents like rock damage.

Warranty and liability exclusions

Exclusion from liability and warranty applies to the following:

- Damages caused by inadequate assembly, handling or strain

- Damages caused by inadequate maintenance and care

- Damages caused by change to the product

- Damages caused by inadequate fitting

- Damages caused by crashes, collision or other accidents

- Damages caused by vis major

- Damages of wear and tear parts

- Insignificant defects or divergence that are irrelevant to value and use of the product

- Personal and other property damages

- Other circumstances for which the manufacturer cannot be held responsible